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Information Is Foundation. Teamwork Makes It Happen.

With more and more health records data scattered across multiple physicians, labs, clinics, and hospitals, managing this life-saving information for yourself, your family, or someone in your care has never been more challenging — or more important. By using Peoplechart's reliable and secure system to help manage your health information, you can be a more effective participant in your own care or in the care of someone else.

Our products and services are built on the belief that having complete, accurate information about the patient paves the foundation for good decision-making while the ability to work as a team holds the key for making sure that the right people have access to the right information when needed. Our systems infrastructure can provide secure communication and an environment for teamwork among your physicians, other health professionals, and family members.

Peoplechart is unique in its long standing history and innovative ability to achieve unalterable, comprehensive, and organized copies of medical records collected from multiple healthcare providers. Peoplechart state-of-the-art tools and services are more robust than websites which are extensions of a single health provider system or "fill in the blank" web forms. We provide our members with medical record collection services, an integration engine for receiving and mapping data sent from various sources, and a patent-pending process for displaying paper and electronic information within a single organizing schema. Our patented system of security keeps your information safe and private when accessed via the Internet. Our products and services are most useful in situations where the medical records matter and when coordination of care is needed among patients, physicians, caregivers, and family members. For these and many other reasons, we proudly describe ourselves as the only provider-quality PHR in the marketplace.

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