Potential Impact of Peoplechart's Solutions on the Bottom Line

Providers are well positioned to earn quality bonuses and share in the savings associated with managing Total Medical Expenses (TME).

Quality-based reimbursement

Reimbursements by Medicaid/Medicare and private insurers have increasingly required health care organizations to meet minimum quality standards. Peoplechart's medication adherence applications can help organizations achieve optimal performance on HEDIS-related measures used by commercial healthplans as well as CMS Meaningful Use, ambulatory and inpatient hospital measures. As a result, patients benefit from improved outcome and quality of life. Providers earn optimal quality-based reimbursements.

Operational efficiency gains

Peoplechart's solution can help outpatient clinicians prioritize the focus of care team resources by identifying patients who are most at risk of declining health and likely to need costly hospital-based services if left unattended. Prioritization of care team resources coupled with the goals of improving health outcomes of vulnerable patients improve care team efficiency and better control of total medical expenses (TME). Improved outcomes mean reducing the need for additional office visits, hospitalizations, and costly treatments.

Efficiencies allow for more focus on patient volume

More efficient use of care team resources means available time to allocate to acquiring and serving new patients from the community – an important revenue lever. Providers stand to gain in fee-for-service contracts or increase market share in risk-based contracts when enrollment revenues exceeds cuts in service contracts or when savings bonus meets payer's minimal threshold.

Patient engagement facilitates successful outcomes

Recent studies(1) show that engaging patients in the creation and modifications of treatment plans improves compliance and treatment efficacy. Integration of patient feedback (engagement) on reasons for non-compliance is a core component of Peoplechart's medication adherence and outcomes solutions. As a result, we can deliver information that clinicians need to effectively engage patients and intervene on a timely basis.

Benefits regardless of IT complexity

Most health care systems and ACOs including independent hospitals and physician practices can benefit from Peoplechart's flexible solutions. Regardless of the number and type of EMRs and analytics platforms, our applications can be tailored to perform data exchange (both ways) for optimal performance. Financial gain from the use of Peoplechart solutions accrues even for health care organizations that have an array of IT platforms.

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